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Common California Criminal Codes

Criminal Codes (Partial List)

The following list is a list of the most common criminal codes charged against defendants in CA. For more information on any of the following codes or charges please click on the code or charge. If you need a criminal defense attorney, please contact our criminal defense firm at 909.913.3138 for a free consultation. Thank you.

Penal Codes (Abbr.)
PC 32
PC 67
PC 68
PC 69
PC 85
PC 86
PC 113
PC 114
PC 118(a)
PC 118a
PC 134
PC 135
PC 136.1(a)
PC 136.1(b)(1)
PC 136.1(c)
PC 136.1(c)(1)
PC 137(b)
PC 141(a)
PC 148(a)(1)
PC 148(b)
PC 148.5
PC 148.9
PC 166(a)(1)
PC 166(a)(4)
PC 166(c)(1)
PC 186.10
PC 186.22(a)
PC 186.22(d)
PC 187(a)
PC 191.5(a)
PC 191.5(b)
PC 192(a)
PC 192(b)
PC 192(c)(1)
PC 192(c)(2)
PC 203
PC 205
PC 206
PC 207(a)
PC 209(b)(1)
PC 209.5(a)
PC 210.5
PC 211
PC 212.5
PC 215(a)
PC 220(a)
PC 236
PC 236.1(a)
PC 236.1(b)
PC 237
PC 240
PC 242
PC 243(b)
PC 243(d)
PC 243.4
PC 243.4(a)
PC 243.4(e)(1)
PC 245(a)(1)
PC 245(a)(2)
PC 245(a)(4)
PC 245(c)
PC 246.3(a)
PC 261(a)(2)
PC 261(a)(3)
PC 261(a)(4)
PC 261.5(c)
PC 261.5(d)
PC 262(a)(1)
PC 264.1(a)
PC 266
PC 266h(a)
PC 266h(b)(1)
PC 266i(a)
PC 272(a)(1)
PC 273a(a)
PC 273a(b)
PC 273.5(a)
PC 273.5(f)
PC 273.6(a)
PC 281
PC 285
PC 286(a)(1)
PC 286(c)(2)
PC 286(g)
PC 288(a)
PC 288(b)(1)
PC 288a(b)(1)
PC 288a(b)(2)
PC 288a(i)
PC 288.5(a)
PC 289(a)(1)
PC 289(h)
PC 290.018(a)
PC 290.018(b)
PC 290.018(g)
PC 311.11(a)
PC 311.11(c)
PC 314(1)
PC 315
PC 330
PC 331
PC 337a
PC 347(a)(1)
PC 350(a)(1)
PC 350(a)(2)
PC 368(b)(1)
PC 368(c)
PC 368(d)(1)
PC 368(d)(2)
PC 368(f)
PC 398(a)
PC 399(a)
PC 399(b)
PC 399.5(a)
PC 403
PC 404(a)
PC 404.6(a)
PC 407
PC 408
PC 409
PC 415
PC 415(1)
PC 415(2)
PC 417(a)(1)
PC 417(a)(2)
PC 417.4
PC 422
PC 422.7 
PC 451(a)
PC 451(b)
PC 451(c)
PC 451(d)
PC 452(d)
PC 459
PC 459
PC 459.5(a)
PC 460(a)
PC 463
PC 466
PC 470(a)
PC 470a
PC 470b
PC 471
PC 476
PC 476a(a)
PC 477
PC 478
PC 484(a)
PC 484e(a)
PC 484e(b)
PC 484g
PC 484i(c)
PC 487(d)(1)
PC 488
PC 490.1(a)
PC 496(a)
PC 502.5
PC 503
PC 520
PC 524
PC 530.5(a)
PC 530.5(c)(1)
PC 532
PC 538d(a)
PC 538d(b)(2)
PC 548(a)
PC 550(a)(1)
PC 550(a)(3)
PC 550(a)(4)
PC 550(a)(6)
PC 593d(a)
PC 594(a)
PC 594(b)(1)
PC 594(b)(2)
PC 594.3
PC 597(a)
PC 597(b)
PC 597b(b)
PC 597j(a)
PC 597f
PC 597z
PC 597.7(a)
PC 601(a)
PC 602(k)
PC 602(m)
PC 602(o)
PC 602(p)
PC 602(q)
PC 602(s)
PC 602.8(a)
PC 632
PC 646.9(a)
PC 647(a)
PC 647(b)
PC 647(f)
PC 647(j)(4)
PC 647.6(a)(1)
PC 653f(a)
PC 653f(b)
PC 653m(a)
PC 653m(b)
PC 653.22(a)
PC 853.7
PC 1203.2
PC 1320(a)
PC 11418(a)(1)
PC 12022.7(a)
PC 14166
PC 21310
PC 21510
PC 21810
PC 22010
PC 22410
PC 25100(a)
PC 25100(b)
PC 25110(a)
PC 25400(a)(1)
PC 25400(a)(2)
PC 25400(c)(4)
PC 25850(a)
PC 29800(a)(1)
Accessory after the fact
Bribery of state executive officer
State officer receiving a bribe
Resisting an executive officer
Bribe a member of the legislator
Legislator accepting a bribe
Manufacture false citizen documents
Use false documents to hide citizenship
Perjury under oath
Perjury by false affidavit
Falsify evidentiary documents
Destroy / conceal documentary evidence
Prevent witness from testifying
Prevent witness from making a report
Dissuade a witness or victim
Dissuade a witness or victim by threat
Induce false testimony by force or threat
Planting Evidence
Resisting or obstructing a public officer
Remove officer's weapon while resisting
False report of crime
Give false information to an officer
Contempt of court
Disobey a court order
Violation of a protective order
Money Laundering
Criminal street gang activity
Aiding in a criminal street gang
Murder & Attempted Murder
Vehicular manslaughter (intoxicated)
Vehicular manslaughter (intoxicated)
Voluntary manslaughter
Involuntary manslaughter
Vehicular manslaughter w/gross neglect
Vehicular manslaughter
Aggravated Mayhem
Kidnapping for sex offense or robbery
Kidnapping during a carjacking
Hostage taking
Robbery near an ATM
Sexual Assault
False Imprisonment
Human Trafficking
Human trafficking for sex act
False imprisonment with violence
Misdemeanor assault
Battery on an officer
Battery causing serious bodily injury
Sexual battery
Sexual battery by restraint
Sexual battery
Assault with a deadly weapon
Assault with a firearm
Assault with force likely to cause GBI
Assault on officer with a deadly weapon
Discharge a firearm with gross neglect
Rape by force or fear of bodily injury
Rape by intoxicant ("date rape")
Rape of unconscious person
Unlawful sexual intercourse
Unlawful sexual intercourse
Spousal rape by force or fear of injury
Rape in concert by multiple defendants
Seduction of minor for prostitution
Pimping a minor over fifteen years old
Contributing to a minor's delinquency
Endangering the health of a child
Child abuse causing injury
Corporal injury to spouse or cohabitant
Corporal injury with prior conviction
Violation of a Restraining Order
Sodomy of minor under eighteen
Sodomy by force or fear of injury
Sodomy of incompetent person
Lewd and lascivious acts on a child
Lewd act by force on a child under 14
Oral copulation on minor under 18
Oral copulation on minor under 16
Oral copulation of intoxicated person
Continuous sexual abuse of a child
Sexual penetration by object by force
Sexual penetration of person under 18
Failure to register as a sex offender
Failure to register as a sex offender
Failure to update sex offender registration
Possess child pornography
Possess child pornography images
Indecent Exposure
Keeping a house of ill repute
Conduct illegal gaming
Permit illegal gaming
Bookmaking (illegal gaming)
Altering food with harmful substance
Counterfeiting under $1000
Counterfeiting over $1000
Elder abuse or neglect
Cause or permit injury to elder adult
Theft from elder adult under $950
Theft from elder adult over $950
False imprisonment of elder adult
Negligently allow animal to cause injury
Allow vicious animal to cause death
Allow vicious animal to cause injury
Own attack dog that bites w/injury
Disturb an assembly
Inciting a riot
Unlawful assembly
Participate in an unlawful assembly
Refusing to disperse when ordered
Disturbing the peace
Disturbing the peace with a fight
Disturbing the peace with loud noise
Brandishing a deadly weapon
Brandishing a firearm
Brandishing imitation firearm w/threat
Criminal Threat
Hate crime
Arson causing GBI
Arson of inhabited structure
Arson of a structure or forest land
Arson of property
Unlawfully cause a fire of property
Residential burglary
Commercial burglary
Residential burglary 1st degree
Possession of burglary tools
Forgery of identification
Possess forged driver's license
Alter entries in books and records
Possess or make counterfeit note
Check fraud under $950
Posses counterfeit note
Theft (Larceny)
Credit or debit card theft
Acquire illegal credit card
Unauthorized use of credit card
Counterfeit access cards
Grand theft auto (GTA)
Petty theft
Petty theft under $50
Receipt of stolen property
Remove fixtures from property
Attempt to extort
Identity theft
Theft of personal ID to defraud
Theft by false pretenses
Impersonating an officer
Use false badge to impersonate Officer
Insurance fraud
False claims (insurance fraud)
Participate in auto insurance fraud
False insurance claim for theft of vehicle
Health care fraud
illegal cable connection
Vandalism over $400
Vandalism under $400
Vandalism of cemetery or church
Kill or maim an animal
Animal Cruelty
Cockfighting (Alternate Charge)
Animal neglect
Sell dog under 8 weeks old
Leave an animal in a vehicle
Trespass with threat to cause bodily injury
Trespass to interfere with business
Trespass by occupying property
Trespass by refusing to leave property
Trespass by entering closed area
Trespass by refusal to leave building
Trespass by refusal to leave hotel
Trespass within fenced area
Eavesdrop or record confidential comm.
Lewd acts in public
Public intoxication
Distribute nude images (revenge porn)
Annoy or molest a child
Solicitation to commit a felony
Solicitation to commit murder
Harass by telephone
Repeated harassment by telephone
Loiter with intent to commit prostitution
Failure to Appear for Court
Violation of probation
Failure to appear for court
Possess weapon of mass destruction
Great bodily injury (GBI) enhancement
Money laundering
Possession of a dirk or dagger
Possession of a switch blade
Possession of metal knuckles
Possession of nunchaku
Possession of shuriken (throwing star)
Criminal storage of firearm 1st degree
Criminal storage of firearm 2nd degree
Criminal storage of firearm 1st degree
Carry concealed firearm in vehicle
Carrying a concealed firearm
Carrying a concealed firearm by felon
Carrying a loaded firearm
Possession of firearm by felon

VC 2800.1
VC 2800.2(a)
VC 2800.3(a)
VC 2800.4
VC 10801
VC 10851(a)
VC 12500(a)
VC 14601(a)
VC 14601.1(a)
VC 14601.2(a)
VC 20001(b)(1)
VC 20002(a)
VC 21453(a)
VC 21655.5
VC 21703
VC 22108
VC 22109
VC 22356
VC 23103(a)
VC 23104(a)
VC 23109(a)
VC 23109(b)
VC 23109(c)
VC 23123(a)
VC 23123.5(a)
VC 23140
VC 23152(a)
VC 23152(b)
VC 23152(d)
VC 23152(e)
VC 23152(f)
VC 23153(a)
VC 23153(b)
VC 23153(d)
VC 23153(e)
VC 23220
VC 23222(a)
VC 23578
VC 27315(d)(1)
VC 40508(a)


HS 11173(b)
HS 11350(a)
HS 11351
HS 11352(a)
HS 11366
HS 11366.6
HS 11366.8(a)
HS 11366.8(b)
HS 11368
HS 11370.1(a)
HS 11378
HS 11383.5(a)
HS 11530

BP 725(b)
BP 4060
BP 4140
BP 4324(a)
BP 6126(a)
BP 25658(e)(1)
BP 25662(a)
HN 655(a)
WI 10980(a)
WI 10980(b)
WI 10980(c)(1)
WI 10980(c)(2)

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