Sunday, November 1, 2015

Felony DUI Law & Defense in California VC 23153 & 191.5 Criminal Defense Attorney

California VC 23153(a), 23153(b), 23153(d), 23153(e), and PC 191.5 Felony DUI in California

The law office of Christopher Dorado is dedicated to defending those accused of felony DUI in California. Our office has successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases and our lawyers are available 24/7 to answer all of your DUI questions.

A felony DUI filed under VC 23153(a), 23153(b) (the most common felony DUIs) are filed where an injury is caused by DUI to another person besides the defendant. If found guilty the defendant may face up to three years in prison and an additional year for each victim injured beyond the first victim. In cases of severe injury caused by DUI there may additional and enhanced penalties up to six year (in addition to the three year prison penalty). These enhancements are filed under PC 12022.7.

There are many defenses that may apply to DUI w/injury charges, including an attack of the scientific evidence, police procedure, and insufficient evidence. To learn much more about DUI criminal charges, and DUI with injury charges filed under VC 23153(a), 23153(b), 23153(d), 23153(e), or PC 191.5 (vehicular manslaughter) please visit our DUI w/injury page or felony DUI today.

There is no charge to speak with one our qualified DUI criminal defense attorney today. Call today 909.913.3138


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